Mancraft HPA system, issues and mods specific to this system.

So here you will find a list over the issues I have or had with the system.
I will add a note to how I fixed them and so on.

I will also say something about how it works and things to keep in mind while using it.

Okay so first of, How does it work.

It works by using the pressure stored in a tank. (in my case its a 0.8l 200 bar tank)
And it uses an air line/hose with a LPR (low pressure regulator) and a compression chamber.
Other hpa system uses what is known as a solenoid which is a valve that is electronically controlled.
Now in the mancraft system there is nothing electronic. So what they use is a pressure chamber where the pressured air is held until you pull the trigger.
And because of this your bolt pull matters.
When you put it together you will se that the formally known spring guild is longer, thinner and made out of brass with a hole in it.
And as you pull the bolt back you then move this hole in to the pressure chamber in the piston. There by filling it with pressurized air. And when you then push the bolt forward again the hole goes back out of the pressure filled room and it will no longer pressurize the chamber. This is important as you can in fact move it out of the chamber again before it has reached the desired pressure. Giving you more inconsistencies shot to shot.

And when you pull the trigger the pressure chamber is then moved with the piston (as it is a part of the piston). To a point where its open to the outside world trough the barrel. And there by pushing the bb out the barrel.

And that is how it works (I might add some pictures and rewrite this later on).

Now issue number 1.

The system is making a lot of noise when dry firing.
reason being the fact that the nozzle or cylinder head and the part of the piston hitting it has no dampening at all.

But if I fire with a bb in the barrel and with the pressure in the system the sound is a lot quieter.
I guess that might be because the piston has more resistance and is not hitting it with full force.
So im looking into fixing this with some foam or maybe even some silicon.
More testing is needed, To find out how much space i have to add some dampening material in between the cylinder head and piston. (reason is the bolt pull and pressure chamber.)


The silicon wont work. Problem being the fact that its so soft and the brass tube cuts the silicon when you load the rifle.
Making it useless as it blocks the nozzle and after around 20 reloads its cut in half and falling out.
But at this point it seams like the o-rings work fine and is not causing any issues.


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