The story of my VSR-10 G-Spec

So time to go over the story of my VSR-10 G-Spec.
So it all started when I got an e-mail from redwolf airsoft.
I had totally forgotten that I set up my email for there “back in stock” alert.
And I did this, what 5 years before I got the mail.

Luckily this was when I got back into airsoft again.
So late at night I order my VSR. And I was hoping I got it before I went to visit my dad in Crete that summer.
(Yes I got it before I left).

Now it stayed stock for around a year or so and it worked great even with the 280 fps.
And the range was around the same as the 400 fps R93. (The R93 might have had an + 10-20 m range over the VSR. But the VSR had the accuracy over the R93)

The issue I had with it tho was the hop-up, As I had it maxed and it didn’t even lift a .28 bb.
And since it was 280 fps with a .2 it took WAY to long for the bb to get to the target.
And it was so weak that sometimes people didn’t even know I hit them. And yes I know I hit them as I could see the bb hit and fall down.

So at this point the research started.

And it didn’t take long before I found the main answer to my upgrade.
And that was the mancraft hpa system.
And then it was off to find the other parts.
What I ended up with was a wide bore barrel, New hop-up chamber, Hop-up bucking (stock one was broken) and a new longer suppressor as the barrel was a bit longer. (303mm stock vs the 430mm wide bore barrel.)

Now on the story for the wide bore barrel.
I have tested them before thanks to some friends at that time.
And I was impressed with the long-range accuracy of the barrel. so after some research I found out how to make the most out of it…. HPA. Yes the issue with the wide bore barrels is the limiting factor of spring and aeg powered systems.
That being that the air volume is…. well limited. But that is not an issue using gas and co2 but those have other issues like
temperature and the fact that the pressure lowers after each shot.

Now after I got all the parts I started planing on how to put it together and test it. And all of that is now done.
And I even got a confirmed kill (a head shot nonetheless hehe) at 78m even with a scope that was not zeroed and a hop-up that was not perfectly set up.
All of this because I had to lower the pressure as it shot around 700+ fps once I got it choreographed for the first time (at 130psi).
And I set it down to 375fps ish (45 psi) and after that I had around 10 min to set the hop before I had to move, As the first game was going to start. So all in all it was a good day. I now know what psi I need and I got time to shoot it in properly.
And I can set the hop-up so I wont need more than half an hour to do it during a game. And the same goes for the scope.



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