*STC* The layout of my armory

So i live in a “smal” ish apartment whit 30m2 . So I dont have a loot of room to spare. So i made the best out of what i have.
I used half the wardrobe by the kitchen to store my rifles, clothes and everything airsoft related.

Note If you want to see the stats and parts if the rifles and pistols click on this ;link

here is some pictures of the layout.

First of whit everything in there.
The top shelf left to right.
A box with scopes i don’t use. spray paint for woodland camo (might spray the VSR and the R93), some random diving stuff.

Next shelf left to right.
a pile of clothes i don’t use a lot, netting for ghillie, soldering iron, and a bunch of random tools

Clothing rack left to right.
old british woodland jacket and a set of norwegian army pants (no camo just green), Norwegian m2000 dessert set (jacket, shirt and trousers), ikea shoe shelf (more details on that later on).

now on the ground we have from the left to the right.
the gun rack (more details later on) a blue waterproof bag with the ghillie and chest rig in it.

Now the “gun rack” i guess we can call it.
From the left to the right we have
R93, VSR-10, 0.8l 200 bar tank on top and the red bag is filled whit bbs, and the famous crap rifle (the one i’m hoping to make into a gauss rifle/railgun.
And the black box, standing in the front there is the pistol case. It contains all the pistols I own at this point.

Now a look inside the pistol case.
In the bottom we have 2 gas bottles and all the long mags for the G18C’s

Now for a closer look at the pistols.
The 2 glocks are the same, so i can change things like slides, barrels and grips.
So i can get the glock i need just by swapping the parts over (I tend only to use one anyway.)

And here we have the ikea shoe rack.
In the top one we have some targets, dead rag, and headgear (safety glasses, bandana and well stuff for your head).
The one under that is more headgear like face masks and the modded paintball mask.
Under that one we have some bodey gear like a mole drinking flask some foldable cops and some other molle things (pouches and well things meant for molle.).
Under that one we have gun parts. hop-up buckings, nubs barrels and so on.
And in the last big one we have mags, a suppressor (the stock one for the VSR atm), and gas bottles and other big things.


And that’s it. I will change this post once i update it or get new things.


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