*WIP* Gauss rifle part 1, research and concept

So after I noticed that the .43g black bbs I got was magnetic.
And I played around with it for a bit I got the idea if it would be possible to make a gauss rifle or coil gun if you will.

And after what I have found I should be possible.
After all I could lift a barrel with 1 bb in it with a magnet form a harddrive.

So all I need is to make an electro-magnet, and some sort of power cell.
And from what I think of I think a single use camera has all the stuff I need.
And I can just use the capacitor and the circuit board for the flash and use the flash mechanic of the camera as the “trigger” to fire the gun.

So all I need to make is the magnet.
And that should not me to hard.

So what i want to do is disassemble the crappy rifle i have.
Take out the inner barrel and hop-up chamber. (not sure i can even use the hop-up at all.)
And wrap the barrel in a coil and use that as the magnet, might even use 2 coils.
And find a way to power the coil so the magnetic field is as strong as the HDD magnet or as close as i can get at least.

Here is a picture of the idea. So far at least.
gauss rifle


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