The coloring of jute/burlap for a ghillie or rifle wrap

So I had some issues finding info around this myself so I will list the things I learned.

The first issue I had, was finding the dye.
And after checking most supermarkets I found it in a hobby store, or more specifically Panduro Hobby.
The dye they had, was DYLON and they only had the colors I wanted as a machine dye (meant to be used with a washing machine.)
and not in the hand dye variant. Now after what the people working in the store said,
“This should not be an issue. But you need to spend more time paying attention to the process as the colors can get dark really fast.”


I did color them in the ball they came in, as an experiment.
If you want the full color on all the treads cut them up before you color them.
If you want the color i got (look in the rifle wrap post to se the color i got) just color them while they are in a ball or roll.

So I got one pack of DYLON 09 color “Dark Green”. And one DYLON 17 color “Woodland Brown”. And two packs of salt (if you don’t add salt the color wont stick and it will wash out easily.).
here is a picture of the brown and the salt.

so what do you need to do this.
well here is the list of things i got.

  1. Dye (well duh).
  2. Dye salt (1 pack for each dye).
  3. Rubber gloves (the once used for washing dishes.).
  4. 1 Bucket for each dye you intend to use.
  5. Drying rack (well maybe, it depends)

Now the first thing you need to do is soaking the jute or burlap in water. This is so the dye will get an even coating.
Now all you need to do is follow the instructions. In my case there was non, so i filled the buckets whit warm water.
And then mixed in the salt and dye.

This is the brown dye. It looked like it was black to the naked eye but the camera had other ideas. Might have been the reflection from the roof. but it was like the green dye.


And this is the green dye.

Now all I did was put the balls of jute in the bucket and left them for about 10 min. I would say I did panic a bit as they looked black when I took them out. So I got a set of balls and just dipped them for about 2 min in the brown dye. And one for the green. The brown dye was sticking a bit faster but that might be the jute I used, as the green was not really green at all. But you’ll see later on how they turned out.

After I took them out I washed them in cold water until the water coming of them was clear, well as close as I got it.
I did start of just dumping them in the last bucket, and fill that with clear cold water. But it took to long so I just used the shower head to spray one at a time.

here is a picture of the bucket I used to wash them with.

And emptying the bucket.


Now after that it was time for drying.
I got the drying rack ut in the sun and put them on.

note DYLON says that the fabric should dry in the shade but well… I can’t see any issues with it. Might be so you don’t have a difference in color but this is meant for a ghillie so I don’t care. as this is faster.

And after about 4 hrs it’s still wet and the sun is gone. So I placed it on some bubble wrap. (so it won’t stain the floor.) And left it on the heated floor of my bathroom.

Now all you have to do is cut it (if you didn’t cut it before you colored it). And put it in your ghillie or rifle wrap.

I used this for my rifle wrap. Here is the post about that project ;Link


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