Rifle Wrap (for my VSR-10)

So after I colored the jute and burlap, it was time to put it to use.
A thing to keep in mind is, that the stuff was colored while it was still a ball and therefore the color was not even. (As I intended, and I wanted to experiment with.) so the color of the threads might look a bit weird.

Anyway I started with checking the placement of the netting and attaching it to the suppressor cover.

Then I got some elastic strips to fasten the netting a bit better so it won’t slip around all the time.
I added more later one around the scope to keep the netting and jute/burlap out of the way. (one in the front and one in the back)

Then it was time to cut the thread.
I rolled it around a cover plate for one of my laptops, as it’s made out of metal and won’t bent but hey a book would work to.
Then I cut it at one end of the plate with a scalpel.

Note the color is blended and the first 30 ish m of the 50m had more green in it than the last 20m. As that was mostly tan with some green spots here and there.

And once I got it cut to length it was time to put it in the netting.
After about 2 hours I had half the rifle sort of done.

All in all I think I might have used 4 hours on completing this. And  this is the final product of my efforts.

And I’ll use the remaining stuff for my ghillie to make it a bit more breathable than what it is now.
(I gave it the nickname “tactical sauna” for a reason.)


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