The 2 games done whit the mancraft powered VSR-10

okay I guess its time to talk about my experience with the HPA system in my VSR-10

so far I have 2 confirmed kills with the rifle.
first one was a bit funny as I guess it was just pure luck.
Reason being the fact that the fps was to high, as I don’t own a chronograph.

And it was around 700+ fps when I got it chronoed, and after some fiddling with the regulator I got it down to 375 fps ish. (Max 400 without a med. + you needs to apply for anything higher fps and me a member for a year.)
And because of that the hop and scope needed readjusting, and I only got about 10 min to fix the hop before the first game started.
So my scope was not zeroed and the hop was no where close to where I wanted it.  (Mind you it was not shot in at this point either. and a bit to hard for 375 fps)
Yet I got one kill with it and that is the 70m shot you see in this picture. This is a “guesstimate” as I could only se hes head. But he was standing around that area. So it might be a +-5m in this case as I could not see where he was standing. But from how he walked out im guessing around that area.
Now I took this shot as well as the other from the green dot and the enemy I hit was at the red dot.conkill

After this game I got ill with the flu so I skipped the next game. But I got back out again this Sunday.
And I got a confirmed kill at 1 guy hiding behind the first “house” by the bridge.

Fun fact whit this was the other guys hiding there (3 others) did not dear to show any more than their head after i got the first one.
Problem for me was that I needed to move about 50m to the east to get a clear shoot but within that time most of them had moved else where.
And I had some issues with wind close to the road to the east there and I was using black bbs so I had a hard time compensating for the wind.

Any way this kill was 65m +- 1m. same as the first one im at the green dot and the enemy I hit at the red dot.

I got some time to test the rifle a bit more with the bbs I used. And it turns out that the white .43g bbs I used the rest of that day where shit.
I have some going high and some low and the once that where perfect is around 25% of the bbs in a mag. I think this might be to differences in weight.
So I guess ill stick to the black .43g bbs I used and got a kill with. Just need a day with a lot of sun to set up the scope and hop. As I can see the shine from the bb in sunlight.


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