some findings i made whit the chrono i got.

So it seems i don’t have any joule creep at all?!?! hmm weird.

So I got a chrono after a lot of wasted time spent on the game fields (used to tune the rifle and set the fps under the limits).
And I found out that even with the short barrel (303mm 6.03 or whatever the stock one is) I got the same joule. So in short there was no joule creep at all.
I got 1.65 joule with the .2 and the .4 heck even the with the .43 bbs.

So I guess I need to do some more testing as of now I think it might be 1 out of 3 things that might cause this. (might also be a mix of several)
1 is the fact that the mancraft systems pressure chamber is too big. flooding the barrel and there by removing most of the joule creep (as of now the ratio is 15.1 + at 45 psi)
2 bad air seal
3 bad chrono (might not be accurate at fps below 300.)

I will se what I can do with the air seal first, and see if that helps.
And I’ll see if I might get a creep with the longer wide bore barrel I have. (430mm 6.23mm)

And I WILL get a new chrono as the one I got is a cheap one… So I’ll get that later on (maybe next month) and I’ll use the one I got now, on trips and on fields and keep the madbull chrono at home for the major tunes.

I’ll post a link here once I have more findings.


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