VSR-10 maintenance and tuning.

Okay it’s time for some maintenance for my VSR-10 after the big game in Denmark.
And no there will not be any posts about that game as the VSR was feeling like hitting anything.
ANd the fact that I was forced to use dark bbs, thereby making it impossible to compensate for wind. Did not help on the matter.

Any how.
I had 4 things I needed to fix.
1. I was shooting thread tape at some points so I need to check that.
2. It got a bang and the outer barrel got knocked loose.
3. The cylinder needs some new lubrication.
4. I need to check the hop-up rubber to see how it’s doing as I put in a new one before I went down to Denmark.

So first off I’ll go over most of the tools I’ll be using.


  1. screwdriver and bits set
  2. unbrako set
  3. thread tape / teflon tape
  4. Lithium grease
  5. dish washing sponges
  6. q tip
  7. some old rags
  8. pipe wrench

And of course the gun itself.


Now I found some of the thread tape came from the cylinder head so I guess I’m not putting anything on there again.
I disassembled the receiver and got the cylinder out to see if the grease on the inside was dirty. But it seems like it was okay as it wasn’t to dark and it wasn’t rough. But I change that anyway.
I used one of the old rags and some q tips to clean all the old grease off.
After that its time to put it back together again.



Now it’s time to put the new grease on.
I got a new rag and put a lot of grease on it and just smeared it on the cylinder and piston.
Note you don’t need to have a lot on if you’re still using the old fashion spring system.
You just need som on the contact points.
I put some thread/teflon tape on the cylinder head.
This is a good thing to do if your going spring to create a better air seal. But with the mancraft system this is not an issue.
I’m just using it to have a tighter fit, as whiteout it it’s so loose I can unscrew it by hand.




Now I’m done with the receiver so now it’s time to take care of the barrel and hop-up.

I noticed the block that screwed on to the hop-up chamber was a bit loose, I guess this might be the issue for the wobbly barrel.
And I noticed the screw had about half a mm space from the block. And I could not screw them further in so I improvised a spacer from a spring. And this solved the problem.


I got the inner barrel and hop-up chamber out of the outer barrel and the inner barrel out of the chamber.
I checked the rubber to see if it had some uneven wear marks, but it seems fine so time to put it back together again.
I cover both ends of the inner barrel in thread/teflon tape and put it back in to the outer barrel.
Point with the tape here is to have a 100% air seal around the rubber and stabilize the barrel in the barrel cap.




Now it’s time to put the gun back together again.
Starting of with joining the barrel and receiver.
I use some thread/teflon tape again here as the threads are a bit slack and the outer barrel moves quite a bit without it.


After the barrel and receiver is back together it’s time to use the sponges.
I use one in the “room” in the front of the rifle and one right by where the trigger box is going in.
Now the sponges I got was in a 10 pack and they fit perfectly when I fold them over.
Leaving the rough side out.



And that’s it. Now it’s ready to be tuned for the next game.
Hope this helps a bit.


2 thoughts on “VSR-10 maintenance and tuning.

  1. Hi,

    How’s tourney bolt pull ? Easy ? Mine pulls ok , but when I slide it back in , on the last 10 mm it’s quite hard to push. This happens only when I put the outer barrle in.



    • it depends on your hop-up chamber.
      or it might be that you tighten the outer barrel to much.
      i need some more info to help you, sorry.


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