Research in progress (joule creep) *OP*

So after a sore scalp after a lot of thinking, after my findings using .2g .36g .4g and .43g bbs and still getting the same joule (down to 0.02joule as the biggest difference.)

I do believe I need to do some rewriting on the “energy transfer and joule creep” post.

Anyhow my theory is this.

As I get the same joule on the VSR-10 G-Spec using the stock tight bore barrel at 50 ish psi.
And from the fact that it sounds like I’m shooting live ammo (with a suppressor on said RS gun) when the suppressor is off I do believe the air volume is a bit too big. Matter of fact from what I could find the ratio is close to 15.1+ (way over the what I have written in the guide.)
*Note this might not be accurate but I’ll check once I open up the piston.*
So from this I got back to what I did back in school. Playing around with physics and from what I remember.
If you apply the same amount of force over the same amount of distance (not time), to 2 different objects with different weight you will put the same amount of “work”*1. Into these objects. (not calculating the resistance from friction and so on.)

*1 “work” is the technical term for transferring energy. in this case we use Joule.
As the heavier object needs less speed to have the same amount of energy as a light object. It will then use more time on the same distance gaining the same amount of energy at the end of the track (or barrel in this case), as the faster light object.
But when it comes to joule creep using a lower ratio, the energy drops off more.
So in a 2.1 ratio the energy is half, half way down the barrel. Thereby giving more energy to the heavier object as it uses longer time?
Not a 100% sure at this point. But as I said, I need to do more tests to see if this is the case.

I might also try to see if I can run a simulation of this later on (if I can find a simulation program that will let me do this).

So what I then believe is causing the issue here is that,
the pressure of the air is not changing enough for the creep to take effect.
And is there by giving me the same joule. (no this does not mean the system is efficient. in this case a lot of energy is wasted as it doesn’t have the time to transfer it all.)

I have now talked to they guys at mancraft. and from what they say it would be possible to change the size of the pressure chamber. So more testing is needed to see if this is true.

If you think you know what causes this please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at


It seems like the issue is the fact that I’m using hpa.
The “energy transfer and joule creep” post has been updated (point 5) explaining my findings. Link
And it turned out the barrel ratio the system came with was 2 not 15, but removing the insert in the pressure chamber gives you a ratio of 15+.
Any how I cut the insert to give me a ratio of 3.36 and I still ended up with close to no creep.


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