The silent G-Spec build part1 *OP*

So the package is just around the corner (eta Wednesday or Thursday).
So I might as well start working on the post about it.

The plan I have for it is based on the PDI bull barrel system.
Now this system has 2 pieces for the outer barrel. the bull barrel base, and the bull barrel.
Reason for this is that the outer barrel has thicker wall than the standard barrel, To make it more sturdy. But as you know,
the hop-up chamber is seated inside the barrel and therefore it can’t be thicker around the area where the chamber is.
Therefore the base is standard size but no longer than the stock. And then you have the bull barrel that has a thicker wall is screwed into the bull barrel base.
But the benefit for me here is that I now have a shorter barrel. (as in the rifle is 105cm with silencer over the stock 126cm, with my 300mm silencer.)

What I plan on doing. Note I won’t use that silencer tho.
*pic taken from*

Now the parts I got from pdi or rather is a tight bore barrel, silencer attachment and barrel spacer’s.
I got the bull barrel base from redwolf as well as some other parts for my chest rig and ghillie. (I will make a post about that later on, maybe next week.)

Now other than this all I need to do to make it silent is to put some silicon dampening in the mancraft system. But I’m still working on that. Had some tries on this but I’m still working on a more permanent solution.
And I’m also looking into the best way to silence the gun when it comes to silencer length.
But I’ll test this when I get the gun built.


So I got the parts and upgraded the rifle with the new parts.
And I started disassembling the rifle (sorry no pictures). And put the old barrel and suppressor next to the new barrel and suppressor next to each other. And all the other parts I got for this build.


The only issue I had, being the fact that the pdi barrel had a bridge…
And the fact that it’s made of steel did not help. It took me about 1 and a half hour to file it down. but nonetheless the result was good.


I did get some barrel spacers but turns out there is no point for this unless you get some of the bull barrels.

After all of this I got it put together and to show how much shorter the rifle became here is a picture.


Overall the rifle is now lighter and shorter making it easier to hide as its shorter. And my over all kit is now a lot lighter making it easier to move around.


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