Game equipment (stalking setup)

So it’s finally time for me to go over what I have with me on a game.
In this case I’ll go over the stalking setup, or the tactical sauna as I like to call it.

Now I did remove some of the ghillie on it. and this helped out a lot I no longer have Niagara falls running down my back.
And I will add more in the form of bands instead of threads. As they are not trapping as much air as the treads do, making the ghillie less of a sauna (yes at this point it is a sauna as I have around half a liter of sweat in the clothing I have under the ghillie after a 15 min game.)

But that is a thing I’m still working on.

here is a list of what I use right now.

  1. VSR-10 with rifle wrap and a bipod.
  2. Ninja LPR With a 1m hose.
  3. Defcon5 chest rig small/medium.
  4. Random boonie hat with ghillie can be dq from the rest of the ghillie.
  5. Wiley X Spear (black) with extra glasses.
  6. Green shemagh.
  7. Standard 3l camelback system.
  8. Green long-sleeved sweater from the norwegian armed forces.
  9. Garmin Fenix 3.
  10. Mechanix mpact woodland size medium.
  11. Cheap mag holster for belt (for the mk23).
  12. Mp5 triple mag pouch in multicam (for the glock long mags).
  13. Cheap large pistol holster for belt (for the mk23 and a speed loader).
  14. The TM mk23 socom (non blowback).
  15. Kwa 1911.
  16. Cheap leg holster (for the 1911 and a spare mag).
  17. Old standard trousers from the norwegian armed forces.
  18. Old standard boots from the norwegian armed forces.
  19. Water bottle pouch used for the HPA tank (I have ghillie in the molle on this).
  20. Large utility pouch for VSR mags, death rag, tools and other stuff.things only seen on the back.
  21. Large drop pouch OD.
  22. Glock 18 in a hard holster (stuck in the mole on the waist belt on the chest rig).
  23. Large OD camelback bag whit molle (filled it with ghillie thread and bands).


And that is my setup.
So now it’s time for the glory shorts and so on <.<


Pictures taken by my mother. At her place in the middle of nowhere.


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