My Gear and equipment.

okay so here is a list of the other stuff i use. Like Com, cams, camo and chest rigs
(no weapons if you want to see that check out the armory ;link  and this post for the load out of the armory ;link )


okay first of we will start of whit the electronic part of things.


2 Cobra walkie’s

1 baofeng uv-5r+
whit nagoya na-771 antenna and extended battery.


2 motorcycle helmet headsets whit PTT. (consists of a remote PTT button 2 speakers and a microphone) for the cobra walkies.
1 z-tactical z110 sordin headset whit mic. (this is crap… just so you know… but hey it works so it’s better than nothing.)
1 MSA sordin supreme pro – x (no mic on this)
1 z-tactical z115 PTT  (whit a remote PTT button)
1 z-tactical z033 throat mic (for use whit the MSA headset)

Range finding and navigation.

now for range finding, tracking and navigation i have a Garmin Fenix 3 (GPS watch). that i use to mark key points on the field, like house corners, barricades and other positions that will be used as cover by other players.
now the good thing whit this is that i can have several of them on the watch and it will give me the distance in Meters to said POI (point of interest).
And this is good for the MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) as i can tell if someone has gone past the POI, and i can to some degree judge how far they have gone past it.
giving me a sort of accurate distances to said person. (its not as good as a rangefinder but it’s a lot faster and easier to use.)
then again i don’t have to deal whit MED’s at normal games as the range i have whit 400fps is enough for the small field i tend to play at (no MED at 400.)
and i can also se my GPS coordinates on my watch so i don’t have to sit and explain which bush i am, to team mates (given that they have a map whit long and lat markings)
and hey it works like a smartwatch as well. (might make a review of it later on.)

Backup power.

and other than that i have 2 power banks at 28000mah whit a built in solar panel.
i have yet to use them but once i get a camera it’s going to be used for that.
and big milsim events, for charging cams and the fenix 3.
I have put some paracord on one of the shoulder straps on my chest rig to hold the power bank in place so i can charge the camera while i use it. well when i get it that is.

things im going to get.

1. Cams.
i’ll get the Garmin Virb xe. over the gopro hero 4 because of the sensors in that camera.
i found out it has GPS, G sensor, Compass, support for ANT+ (so you can connect things like a heart rate sensor, temp and so on) support for Bluetooth head sets (ment to be used whit helicopters, motor sport and such where you cant to record speech in the loud environment.) and it uses the same accessories as the gopro (helmet rig, chest rig, suction cups for windshields in cars and so on.)

so my idea whit it is to use the heart rate monitor, GPS, Compass and a bluetooth adapter.

i can then have the walkie talkie connected and recorded. and i’ll use the gps tracker to show where i am on a “mini map” in the videos, together whit my heart rate.
now for the rifle cam i’m not sure yet. as i’ll use the virb as the head cam.

Camouflage and load bearing equipment.

for woodland i have an old british jacket. the old Norwegian army trousers (no camo on these, there just od colored).
and a DYI ghillie by BushRag. And the tan is the Norwegian M2000 desert. i have the thick waterproof jacket and the thin under coat jacket and the trousers.

i also have a cheap woodland set. but i don’t know where the camo comes from but i use the boonie from it on the ghillie hood.

here is a picture of the armory whit the camo i use.



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