My Gear and equipment.

okay so here is a list of the other stuff i use. Like Com, cams, camo and chest rigs
(no weapons if you want to see that check out the armory ;link  and this post for the load out of the armory ;link )

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Update on what im working on and what im doing.

So I’m working on the VSR and I got some of the parts I need for the build I’m working on.
still waiting for some other parts as I could only find them at x-fire.
and for what I’m doing… well I’m working on making it shorter and more silent.


The parts list is as follows.

300mm long suppressor – got it
200mm long and 40mm wide suppressor – got it
pdi bull barrel base – got it
bull barrel suppressor adapter – Waiting for response from pdi
pdi 303mm 6,01 tight bore barrel – Waiting for response from pdi
Silicon to dampen impact sound from the piston in the mancraft hpa system – got it

Other than that I have painted the r93 but this is more as a test to se how the paint holds up. and just for fun.
So I wont make a guild on how I did it as this is not the final paint job that rifle will get.