Maintenance list.

So to give people an idea of how often I do maintenance on my rifles. And what I do and when i do it.
Here is a list (ongoing) of what I did and when I did it.

*Note this is still work in progress.

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VSR-10 maintenance and tuning.

Okay it’s time for some maintenance for my VSR-10 after the big game in Denmark.
And no there will not be any posts about that game as the VSR was feeling like hitting anything.
ANd the fact that I was forced to use dark bbs, thereby making it impossible to compensate for wind. Did not help on the matter.

Any how.
I had 4 things I needed to fix.
1. I was shooting thread tape at some points so I need to check that.
2. It got a bang and the outer barrel got knocked loose.
3. The cylinder needs some new lubrication.
4. I need to check the hop-up rubber to see how it’s doing as I put in a new one before I went down to Denmark.

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