Grinding down the bridge on a barrel.

So I have seen a lot of people asking about this before.
And I wanted to try a tight bore barrel and a short barrel on the VSR, so I figured out I might as well use the stock barrel the VSR came with.
now the specs on the barrel I got was. (Turns out they have a tendency to change the barrel on the different batches so yours might be different).
303mm Long.
6.1mm ID.
Bridged hop-up window.

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The 2 games done whit the mancraft powered VSR-10

okay I guess its time to talk about my experience with the HPA system in my VSR-10

so far I have 2 confirmed kills with the rifle.
first one was a bit funny as I guess it was just pure luck.
Reason being the fact that the fps was to high, as I don’t own a chronograph.
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