My Armory

Here you will find some info around the parts in my rifles and “stats” of them.
If you want to see the pictures of the “armory” have a look at this ;link

My armory consists of (at the time of writing) 3 rifles. and 3 pistols.

─ Name
─── Range: fps (measured using .2gbbs): and bb weight used.
───── power system (hpa, spring, gas/c02 or electric): and mags.
──────── mods and upgrades.


─ R93 blaster from Kings Arms.
─── 50-70m: 400 fps: .36g bbs
───── Spring, Stock spring system: 2, 50 round’s mags.
────────Tanio-Koba twist barrel.
──────── spirit level mod (a spirit level glued to the rail).

─ VSR-10 G-Spec from Tokyo Marui.
─── 70-90m at 400fps: 400-700+ fps: .43g bbs and .36g bbs
───── HPA, from 10psi to 130psi using 0.8liter tank: 4 30 round’s TM mags. and 2 G&P 50 round’s mags.(they dont feed at all, so i dont use them.)
──────── PDI bull barrel base with the suppressor adapter.
──────── PDI tightbore barrel (ID 6.01, Length 303mm) used with the PDI bull barrel.
──────── ORGA Magnus barrel (ID 6.23mm, Length 340mm)used with the stock outer barrel.
──────── Mancraft HPA piston System.
──────── Action Army Hop-UP chamber.
──────── Maple Leaf Monster, delta bucking 80 degree.
──────── Spirit level mod (a spirit level glued to the rail).
──────── Deep Fire suppressor 300mm long and 35mm thick (with foam to dampen the noise from the hpa system)
──────── Random suppressor 250mm long and 40mm thick (with foam to dampen the noise from the hpa system)
──────── Paracord mag mod (paracord going through the mag so it’s easier to remove with gloves on)

─ Some crap rifle (first one i got) model and company unknown.
─── Unknown range and fps. Might use .12 for this lol
───── Spring: 2 50 round Mags.
──────── Tape… just tape… and a lot of it.
(Might be the one I use for the planned railgun/gauss rifle mod.)


─ TM MP7A1
─── 60m+: 370 fps: .2g and .28g bbs
───── electric 11.1v lipo: 6 100bbs mid cap mags.
──────── PEQ box for 2cell 7.4v lipo batt.
──────── moded battery adapter for lipo battery.


─ 2x. WE.T glock 18c.
───About 30m ish: 280 and 350 fps (whit the long barrel) .28g bbs
───── Gas and CO2: 4 50 round’s gas mags, 2 28 round’s gas mags. 2 28 round’s co2 mags.
──────── One slide has a g&p red dot.
──────── Mock suppressor to cover the longer inner barrel
────────1 Longer inner barrel in steel
──────── One black and one tan grip
(note I have 2 and the parts like the slide, suppressor and grips are interchangeable in between the two of them)

─ Kwa 1911 anniversary edition. Sold by cybergun.
─── About 20m: unknown guessing around 300 .28g bb
───── CO2: 2 17 round’s mag.
──────── Home made wooden grip

─TM MK23 socom.
─── About 50m: 330fps
─────Gas: 3 28 round’s gas mags. over pressure valve removed.
──────── Silencer (you can’t hear it shoot past 10m ish)
──────── Light module (it’s a bit big so it won’t fit in a holster.